Tree Trimming


Proper trimming helps your trees grow uniformly and prevents safety and maintenance problems due to branches rubbing against buildings or getting in the way of wires. A properly trimmed tree also lets enough light in to keep your lawn looking green.

Tom’s Tree Service can trim trees of all sizes to maintain tree health and safety for your property.

Trees that aren't properly trimmed can become a huge hazard as well as being unsightly. Trimming your trees helps keep them looking good and growing well.

​When trees get out of control, the tree struggles to stay healthy. Supporting too many limbs and branches means that some will be neglected and die. This leads to more branches falling in your yard or possibly on your home or vehicles.

​We can do one-time tree trimming or regularly scheduled trimmings. It is much easier to maintain proper tree care than it is to let it get out of hand and take care of it afterward.

Tree Removal


Avoid dangerous situations caused by dead or dying trees, or open up space on your property, with professional tree removal. Tom’s Tree Service has the equipment and experience needed to safely remove any trees, even in hard-to-reach places in a back yard or tight space.

​Sometimes trees die and when they do, they become a hazard to your property and to your family. A dead or dying tree in your yard is a potentially life-threatening accident waiting to happen.

​If you have suspicions that your have a dead or dying tree on your property, give us a call and we will come out and verify the health of the tree(s) and let you know what your options are.

​Sometimes, there is a need to remove healthy trees. We prefer to do everything we can to work around this, but if it isn't possible, we can help you with your best course of action.

Stump Grinding


Stump grinding is essential to leave your property looking better than ever. Tom’s Tree Service can grind stumps to ground level, leaving the mulch for your own use or hauling it away giving your lawn a great new look.

There are many reasons to look into stump grinding. The most obvious is the aesthetics. Having unsightly stumps removed from your yard will definitely make your property look a lot better.

​It will also be much safer for you and your family. Stumps can cause trips and other accidents. It will also open up more room for using your property for playing or planting or setting up lawn furniture.

​If left alone, tree stumps can eventually begin growing again. If you had the trees removed in the first place, this is obviously not what you want to happen.

​We will come out with our stump grinder and grind them below the ground level. We can either clean up and haul away the mulch or we can leave it for you to use if that is your preference.

Tree Maintenance


Proper tree maintenance is crucial to keeping your property under control. It is much easier, safer and cheaper to have us set up a tree care schedule.

​Letting your trees and shrubs grow out of control is the quickest way to cause yourself problems. And it's amazing how fast that can happen without regular maintenance.

Depending on your needs, we can tailor make a schedule to come by and check on the health of all your trees and shrubs and to trim everything to make sure that they are growing properly and that they stay safe.

​A properly trimmed and maintained yard not only looks great, but it makes you feel like you can truly enjoy your yard. Add the even more important benefit of being safer for your family, and it's obvious that you should look into a scheduled maintenance program.

Tree Fertilization


For trees and shrubs to be able to live and especially thrive, they need specific nutrients. The lack of certain nutrients in the soil will prevent your trees from growing to their true potential and can even leave them open to diseases.

​There are many options when it comes to fertilization. At Tom's Tree Service, we are well experienced in the many different types and needs. Give us a call and we can design a specific fertilization program for your needs.

Tree Disease Evaluation


If you have any reason to believe that your trees might be diseased, please make sure to contact us. Diseased trees can be very dangerous. If you catch it in time, there are ways that we can bring your trees back to health.

​Diseased trees are usually pretty obvious by markings on the leaves or by the look of the branches. This is usually one of the concerns of our customers. We all want our trees and shrubs to look beautiful.

​More importantly than how they look is how structurally sound they are. Trees that are diseased can actually look better than they really are and can be just waiting to give way and fall at any moment.

Tree Mulching


Mulching can be very beneficial to your trees and shrubs. Not only does it look nice, but it also serves many functional purposes for the health of your plants.

​Mulch acts as a barrier to insulate the soil from heat and cold. It also helps to retain water in the soil which keeps the root system healthier.

​Mulching also helps to keep weeds out and can even help to prevent certain diseases in your trees and shrubs.

​There are a variety of options for mulches and we can help you pick the best for your particular circumstance.

Lot and Land Clearing


Do you have a large property that would be beautiful, if you could actually see it? Or do you have a nice yard, but there are just a few areas that are seriously overgrown or are in need of some work?

​We can come in and clear out whatever might be in the way of making your property beautiful. We will remove trees, shrubs, rocks... you name it. We can also level out everything once we are all done. Let us help you finally get some use out of that land that you've always known had potential.

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